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Hydraulic Hose Machine: Ultimate Guide to Hydraulic Hose Manufacturing Equipment

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As a hydraulic hose manufacturer, we have the hydraulic hose production line to manufacture the top-rated hydraulic hose with a big capacity.

We currently don’t have the hydaulic hose machine for sale, in order to work the best hydraulic hose for our clients, our hydraulic hose factory has the advanced hydraulic hose machine for making hydraulic hose.

The hydraulic hose machine plays an increasingly important role in the hydraulic hose manufacturing process. So I am happy to share with you guys about our hydraulic hose machine in this post.

Let’s get started!

Rubber Extruder Machine for Hydraulic Hose

rubber extruder machine for hydraulic hose
rubber extruder machine for hydraulic hose

The hydraulic hose extruder machine is used to extrude the inner tube of the hydraulic hose. We source the rubber sheet as the raw material to make a hydraulic hose, and the rubber extruder works a lot to produce the hydraulic hose inner tube.

Hydraulic Hose Braiding Machine

hydraulic hose braiding machine
hydraulic hose braiding machine

The hydraulic hose braiding machine is used to create the braided hydraulic hose reinforcement to make a braided hydraulic hose. The braided steel wire is constructed by the hose braiding machine, aiming to get the braided wire reinforcement. And the braided wire reinforced layer will cover the inner tube made of synthetic rubber, to make the hydraulic hose become much stronger.

And the braided hydraulic hose is also much flexible, due to the braided wire reinforcement structure. And the hydraulic hose braiding machine is only to braid the steel wires, with different layers.

Here are braided hydraulic hose types based on the layer of stainless wire reinforcement layers:

  • 1-wire braided hydraulic hose: 1 layer of braided steel wire reinforcement
  • 2-wire braided hydraulic hose: 2 layers of braided steel wire reinforcement

Hydraulic Hose Spiraling Machine

hydraulic hose spiralling machine
hydraulic hose spiraling machine

The hydraulic hose spiral machine is used to manufacture the spiral hydraulic hose. And you can know the differences between spiral vs braided hydraulic hoses.

Hydraulic Hose Packing Machine

hydraulic hose packing machine
hydraulic hose packing machine

The hydraulic hose packing machine is designed for packing hydraulic hose, with plastic film.

Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine

hydraulic hose crimping machine
hydraulic hose crimping machine

Hydraulic hose crimping machine, also named hydraulic hose crimper, is designed for hydaulic hose crimping. The hydraulic hose crimping process is to connect the hydraulic hose fittings to the hydraulic hose firmly to assemble the hydraulic hose to the hydraulic system.

The hydraulic hose crimping machine is structured with multiple hydraulic hose crimping dies, due to different hydraulic hose sizes.

Final Thoughts

If you want to know more about the hydraulic hose machine for manufacturing hydraulic hose, please feel free to contact us at any time. And don’t hesitate to ask for the hydraulic hose samples if you seeking the hydraulic hoses.

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