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What Is Hydraulic Hose Reel? [Hydraulic Hose Reel Complete Guide]

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Today, I am happy to share with you guys the complete guide of the hydraulic hose reel, that’s everything related to the hydraulic hose reel.

What Is Hydraulic Hose Reel?

hydraulic hose reel
hydraulic hose reel

The hydraulic hose reel is the hydraulic hose tool for your hydraulic project, used for the hydraulic hose assemblies.

A reel is a useful object to store your things with a length of a certain material, so the reel rack can be used for the hydraulic hose storage, for things like hoses, ropes, tubes, metal wires (such as steel wires, iron wires, crop iron wires, and etc), tubes and so on.

The hydraulic hose cylinder is made of metal, fiberglass, or plastic material, the most popular hydraulic hose reel is powered by the spring. And you can choose the most suitable hydraulic hose reel for you.

What Is A Hydraulic Hose Reel Used for?

hydraulic hose reel for hose storage
hydraulic hose reel for hose storage

So we use the hydraulic hose reel to store the hydraulic hose, with length and flexibility while using it. It is methodical for you to organize the hydraulic hose to avoid tangling, twisting problems, and this is why the hydraulic hose reel can exist.

The hydraulic hoses can be stored well by mechanically turning the reel, and you only need to pull out the hydraulic hose from the reel rack when you need. You can place the reels with the hydraulic hose in your warehouse, and place them in order to save your space.

Here we can use the hydraulic hose reel to pack the hydraulic hose before loading it to the container for shipment. The orderly winding for the finished hydraulic hose is the nice packing method you can consider shipping with much more convenience.

What Is Hydraulic Hose Reel Made of?

hydraulic hose reel materials
hydraulic hose reel materials

A hydraulic hose reel is a cylindrical spindle,  that can be made of different materials, including metal, fiberglass, or plastic, and used to store your hydraulic hose. The most common material is metal, such as stainless steel, iron, because the metal reel rack is much more durable, you can keep the reel for many years to store your hydraulic hose in the warehouse.

And we also have wooden reels for hydraulic hose storage and organization, to make it easier to load on the shipping container. And I am happy to say that we provide wooden hydraulic hose reel racks to store your hydraulic hose in the container, and then you can unload the hydraulic hose together with the hydraulic hose reels to store in your warehouse. You only need the forklift to transfer your hydraulic hoses from the container then place them without needing to waste time and labor to organize them again.

hydraulic hose reel
hydraulic hose reel

Overall, these are materials to be made with hydraulic hose reels, and you need to choose the proper reels for hydraulic hose storage. based on your own requirement.

Hydraulic Hose Reel Types

Here are many different types of hydraulic hose reels, with different hydraulic hose reel designs. Here are some popular.

Cable hydraulic hose reel: The cable hydraulic hose reel can be used to keep the hydraulic hose to avoid clutter. It is designed with high durability, and you can use it to store cables, wires, ropes. And the cable reel can be driven by the spring, motor, or by hand.

Besides the cable reels, there are also many other hose reels, including high-pressure hose reels, air hose reels, chemical hose reels, fuel hose reels, hydraulic hose reels and etc. We are the leading hydraulic hose manufacturer so that we can provide the wooden hydraulic hose reels for the hydraulic hose storage before loading the hydraulic hose to the shipping container.

Hydraulic Hose Reel Advantages

Here are various advantages for you to use the hydraulic hose reel as follows. Here are some benefits of using the hydraulic hose reels.

The hydraulic hose reel can be used to organize the coiled hydraulic hoses, without any messing and clutter problems for the hydraulic hose storage. It is super useful for you to organize hydraulic hoses in order, and you can find the right hydraulic hose quickly when you use it.

The hydraulic hose reels can offer tremendous power to the hydraulic hose pipe for reeling the hose in and out, and you don’t need to spend so much time pulling it out for your uses.

The hydraulic hose reel is a nice method to store the hydraulic hose in the hydraulic hose warehouse, and you can keep it standing to save the space to store more hydraulic hoses in the limited area.

If you have a big yard, the hydraulic hose reel can help you a lot when you need to pull the garden hose to water flowers. Yes, the hydraulic hose reel can be used to store any other hose pipes.

A good hydraulic hose can protect your hydraulic hose well, to increase its service lifespan. So that it can help you reduce the cost of the hydraulic hose maintenance, you can save money using it.


If you have any questions about the hydraulic hose reels, please feel free to contact us at any time.