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Spiral Hydraulic hose: The Ultimate guide 2022

The spiral hydraulic hose is designed with the spiral wrap, the hydraulic hose outer cover is pressed by the pressing cloth. This is the ultimate guide to the spiral hydraulic hose tube. 

spiral hydraulic hose

The spiral hydraulic hose is well-designed with the spiral wire as the reinforcement, and spiral hydraulic hose reinforcement is made by the hydraulic hose spiral machine. Compared with the braided hydraulic hose, spiral hydraulic hose is used for the higher pressure and higher impulse. 

Spiral hydraulic hose

hydraulic spiral hose

hydraulic spiral hose

The hydraulic spiral hose is well-designed with the spiral reinforcement layer, to add much more strength to the hydraulic hose tube for higher pressure. 

wire spiral hydraulic hose

wire spiral hydraulic hose

The wire spiral hydraulic hose is reinforced wire, used as the reinforcement layer, to make it much more stronger than the braided hydraulic hose

hydraulic hose spiral hose

china spiral hydraulic hose pipe

China spiral hydraulic hose pipe is reinforced with the spiral wire, can also be designed with the spiral hydraulic hose wrap.

Spiral wire hydraulic hose

hydraulic spiral hose

4-wire spiral hydraulic hose

The 4-wire spiral hydraulic hose is made of 4-layer spiral high tensile stainless steel wire as the reinforcement. Oil resistant synthetic rubber cover, can be used to convey the petroleum-based hydraulic fluids for the hydraulic projects with its excellent flexibility. 

spiral wire hydraulic hose

The spiral wire hydraulic hose is made of synthetic rubber material, reinforced with the spiral wire to give much strength and flexibility to the whole hydraulic hose. 

spiral hydraulic hose pipe


Most frequent questions and answers

The spiral hydraulic hose is the hydraulic hose, reinforced with the spiral steel stainless layer, to strengthen the hydraulic hose. 

Yes, of course, the spiral hydraulic hose has the smaller bend radius, so that the spiral hydraulic hose is much more flexible than the braided hydraulic hose, that you can layout the spiral hydraulic hose pipe with big flexibility for your hydraulic project. 

The hydraulic hose can come into two main types, including spiral hydraulic hose and braided hydraulic hose

  • Flexibility

Spiral hydraulic hose vs braided hydraulic hose, and braided hydraulic hose has smaller bend radius, to give more flexibility to the whole hydraulic hose pipe. 

  • Bend Radius 

When compared with the braided hydraulic hose, the spiral hydraulic hose is much harder to bend due to the bigger bend radius. And you can get more detailed info about the hydraulic hose bend radius

  • Manufacturing Technique
Stand with the manufacturing technique, it is much more difficult to manufacture the spiral hydraulic hose, it can be cut into smaller pieces. You can know more about the hydraulic hose manufacturing process
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