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How to Import Hydraulic Hose from China [The Ultimate FAQ Guide]

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Before you import hydraulic hose from China,  if you are in the hydraulic hose industry, and please read this guide.

This ultimate FAQ guide can tell you a lot about how to get your desired hydraulic hose from China.

Keep reading to learn more info about importing hydraulic hose.

What Is Hydraulic Hose?

3 8 hydraulic hose

The hydraulic hose is a tube or pipe used to convey the hydraulic fluids, including petroleum-based fluids, water-based fluids to or between hydraulic components. These components include valves, construction machines, equipment, tools and etc.

And the hydraulic hose is made of synthetic rubber material, also reinforced with steel wire as the middle layer to add much strength to the whole. You can use the hydraulic hose for your hydraulic system, which needs the hydraulic fluids for working.

Yes, the hydraulic hose has wide applications, you can see it mostly in situations including architecture, construction, mining, oil, exploiting and etc. So here is a big demand market for hydraulic hose in the all of the world.

Why Should You  Import Hydraulic Hose from China?


Things first, China is the leading country exporting hydraulic hose and related products overseas, to all over the world.

This is the data from OEC.world, you can get the clue to know about the status of exporters and importers of hose piping textiles.

China is the first largest exporting country manufacturing hydraulic hose, and then the Germany United Kingdom, you can import hydraulic hose from China, without any worries.

Each year, China will export millions of containers of hydraulic hose to all the world, and here Kingdaflex is also the leading hydraulic hose manufacturer located in Qingdao to export hydraulic hose to over 30 countries to support the hydraulic industry.

What Are Some Hydraulic Hoses You Can Import from China?

types of hydraulic hose
types of hydraulic hose

Here are various types of hydraulic hoses on the market, so you can get many options.

Based on the reinforcement structure, we have a spiral hydraulic hose and braided hydraulic hose. And can get to know the difference between spiral hydraulic hose vs braided.

  • Spiral hydraulic hose: The spiral hydraulic hose consists of two, three, four, or more layers of helically wrapped high tensile steel wire that can add much more strength, to make the hydraulic hose become very strong, but the spiral hydraulic hose is also rigid, not easy to bend.
  • Braided hydraulic hose: A wire braided hydraulic hose consists of braided and woven high tensile steel wires overlapping one another to reinforce the tube. Our hydraulic hose manufacturer will use the advanced hydraulic hose braiding machine to braid the steel wire to create the braided reinforcement for the hydraulic hose.

Here are also many other types of hydraulic hose for you to select, and please feel free to contact us if you want to know more detailed info about the hydraulic hose types.

What Are Standards for Hydraulic Hose?

SAE standard for hydraulic hose
SAE standard for hydraulic hose

Before importing hydraulic hose from China, you also need to know hydraulic hose standards to ensure quality.

Here are 2 popular hydraulic hose standards in the following:

DIN Standard: DIN standard, also called DIN EN is the standard

Noted: The outer cover of the R1A hydraulic hose is much thicker than the R1AT hydraulic hose, so you need to use the hydraulic hose crimping machine to crimp the hydraulic hose outer cover for hydraulic hose assemblies. By the way, R1A hydraulic hose is much popular, you can get the hydraulic hose protector (such as a spiral hose guard) to keep the hose safe to expand its service life. And the thinner hydraulic hose with a hose spiral protector is much cheaper than you purchase a hydraulic hose with a thicker cover.

SAE Standard: Hydraulic hose SAE standard is also the must-have standard for hydraulic hoses.

You can read the DIN EN standard and SAE Standard from the cover of the hydraulic hose because these standards will be printed on the surface of the hose pipe.

How to Manufacture Hydraulic Hose

hydraulic hose manufacturer
hydraulic hose manufacturer

Before seeking the hydraulic hose manufacturer, you can learn something basically important about the hydraulic hose manufacturing process.

Here are the steps.

  1. Prepare raw materials (synthetic rubber and stainless steel wire)
  2. Extrude the synthetic rubber to create an inner tube
  3. Manufacture the reinforcement layer
  4. Extrude outer rubber cover
  5. Print private label
  6. Create the surface texture
  7. Vulcanize hydraulic hose
  8. Pressure test
  9. Pack the hydraulic hose
  10. Keep hydraulic hose in warehouse
  11. Ship hydraulic hose

You will get it accurate, and the hydraulic hose production can help you a lot to know the strength of a hydraulic hose factory, and you can make a decision to select the best one working for you to produce the excellent hydraulic hose for you. Yes, quality is the most important thing, which is the key to your hydraulic hose business development. And the reliable hydraulic hose provider can handle everything for you, to make your feel relaxed during the cooperation process, without any worries to save time and money for you.

The Cost of Hydraulic Hose from China

hydraulic hose cost
hydraulic hose cost

You have to consider the pricing of the hydraulic hose pipe seriously before importing if you were a purchase manager or buyer agent in a company, here we are the direct hydraulic hose factory, and you can get the most reasonable price for your hydraulic hose importing, without a middleman to add more cost for sourcing.

We have enough stock of raw material, synthetic rubber, also steel wire, other accessories, for making hydraulic hoses to follow the best pricing plan. And the unit price for each meter of hydraulic hose is much cheaper than the US market, with the most silimar quality.

And also we can provide the best shipping planning to load the hydraulic hose, and then ship it to your side at the lowerest cost.

Free Samples are also provided for your test before placing the bulk order, all of these we can do to save your cost for sourcing the best hydraulic hose.

Things not least, we can provide the best payment method to reduce your purchasing stress, to make your work much more comfortable and light-hearted, and you don’t need to worry anything about the products, our experienced sales presentive will handle everything for you. And we have thorough after-sale service, you can ask for support if you have any questions about the hydraulic hose, including hydraulic hose installation, maintenance and etc.

Our mission is to be the No.1 standing out in the same-class hydraulic hose provider, to be your best choice while selecting your hydraulic hose supplier.

And please be happy to ask us any time, and we will give you the quote within 1 working day to support your hydraulic business.


So you can find a reliable hydraulic hose supplier from China, here Kingdaflex can help you with everything to import hydraulic hose for your hydraulic projects. We are committed to making the hydraulic hose importing smooth and hassle-free. You can get your desired hydraulic hose with top-rated quality and competitive prices.

And please be free to contact us at any time if you are needing a hydraulic hose serive, for a quote and possible cooperation in the future.

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