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The Complete Guide About Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Before purchasing the hydraulic hose, you need to learn something basically important about the hydraulic hose assembly.  Here is a complete guide about hydraulic hose assembly.  Let's dive into the hydraulic hose assemblies. 

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Hydraulic hose is the basically important device for a hydraulic working system, and now let’s dive into the hydraulic hose assembly.

Here is the complete guide about hydraulic hose assembly.

What Is Hydraulic Hose Assembly?

how to assembly a hydraulic hose
how to assembly a hydraulic hose

As we all know that hydraulic hose is used to convey hydraulic fluids, such as petroleum-based fluids, and water-based fluids. The hydraulic hose can be applied for many hydraulic types of equipment, including mining machines, agricultural machines, crane machines, loading machines and etc.

The hydraulic hose assembly is the basic essential working process for you to connect the hydraulic hose with fittings to the hydraulic machines.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly Components

hydraulic hose layers

Before the hydraulic hose assemblies, it is necessary for you to know the hydraulic hose structure. Here are 3 components for a hydraulic hose.

  • Tube: The inner tube of the hydraulic hose is the basically important part, and we use the top-rated synthetic rubber to create the hydraulic hose tube during the hydraulic hose manufacturing process. The quality of the inner tube can determine the whole hydraulic hose, because the inner tube is used to convey the hydraulic fluids, and contact with the fluids directly. So the inner tube must be oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant.
  • Reinforcement: Regularly, the reinforcement of the hydraulic hose is made of stainless steel wire, and there are two types of hydraulic hoses, spiral hydraulic hose, and braided hydraulic hose. And you can get the differences between spiral vs braided hydraulic hoses. (PS: The reinforcement can be designed with different layers, including 1 wire hydraulic hose, 2 wire hydraulic hose, 4 hydraulic hose, and 6 hydraulic hose)
  • Cover: The hydraulic hose outer cover is also made of synthetic rubber materials, used to protect the inside hose body, and here you can also use the hydraulic hose protector, including a spiral hose guard, and fire sleeve for hydraulic hose protection, to expand its service life.

How to Assembly Hydraulic Hose?

This is the guideline of the hydraulic hose assembly procedure, and you can follow the steps for your hydraulic hose assemblies. The high pressure hydraulic hose assembly is the skilled and experienced work, and you can prepare a hydraulic hose assembly drawing and also hydraulic hose assembly equipment before the hydraulic rubber hose assembly

hydraulic hose installation guide

Here is the guide on how to install a hydraulic hose, step by step. The hydraulic hose & assembly is very important for the hydraulic project, so, please be serious about the hydraulic hose and assembly.

So now I am sharing some easy steps about the hydraulic hose assemblies.

Step 1: Choose the Right Hose Type

Before the hydraulic hose assemblies, the first step is to find the right hydraulic hose, to determine which hydraulic hose you want to install for your hydraulic project.

Step 2: Choose the Right Hose Bore

Here are many different specifications for the hydraulic hose you can select, and these are popular in the hydraulic industry.

  • 1/4″ hydraulic hose, 400 Bar Max
  • 5/16″ hydraulic hose, 350 Bar Max
  • 3/8″ hydraulic hose, 330 Bar Max
  • 1/2″ hydraulic hose, 275 Bar Max
  • 5/8″ hydraulic hose, 250 Bar Max
  • 3/4″ hydraulic hose, 215 Bar Max
  • 1″ hydraulic hose, 165 Bar Max
  • 1-1/4″ hydraulic hose, 140 Bar Max
  • 1-1/2″ hydraulic hose, 100 Bar Max

These hose bore specifications are widely applied, for various hydraulic equipment.

Step 3: Choose the Right Length

And also you need to choose the proper length of the hydraulic hose, to install for your hydraulic project. Here is the guide teaching you how to measure the hydraulic hose, to the accurate length of the hose. Longer is much better than shorter because you can cut off the extra length during the assembling process.

hydraulic hose measurement
hydraulic hose measurement

And you can measure the hydraulic hose following the guide shown above in the image.

Step 4: Choose the Right Hydraulic Hose Fittings

Here are many different types of hydraulic hose fittings to install hydraulic hoses. And there are also different materials for hydraulic hose fittings, including mild steel fittings and stainless steel.

Step 5: Choose Hose Protection

Finally, in order to protect the hydraulic hose, make it much more durable and safe, you can choose a hose protector, like the spiral hose protector and fire sleeve protector, to keep the hydraulic hose away from the potential harm, even working under high temperature.

This is all about the hydraulic rubber hose assembly if you join in the hydraulic hose assembly training if you were a newbie hydraulic hose engineer.


Please don’t be hesitate to contact us to get more details about the hydraulic hose assembly, and you can get Free samples to start your hydraulic project.

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