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What Is 2 Wire Hydraulic Hose? [Altimate Guide to Wire Hydraulic Hose]

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We are the hydraulic hose manufacturer to provide multiple types of hydraulic hose in the market. Today I am here to share with you guys about the 2-wire hydraulic hose.

In this guide, I am happy to share with you all about the steel wire hydraulic hose, including steel wire braided hydraulic hose and steel wire spiral hydraulic hose. 

Begin with Hydraulic Hose Structure

hydraulic hose structure
hydraulic hose structure

The hydraulic hose is structured with three different parts, inner tube, reinforcement, and outer cover. The wire is used to create the reinforcement layer of the hydraulic hose. And here are two types of hydraulic hose,  based on the manufacturing craftsmanship, they are spiral hydraulic hose and braided hydraulic hose. And spiral & braided hydraulic hose is basically different in the reinforcement.

The steel wire braided hydraulic hose is used to convey petrochemicals and hydraulic fluids in an environment with high pressure and high temperature. Steel wire hydraulic hose can be applied for various construction machines, such as exploiting machines, mining machines, agricultural machinery and etc.

And the braided hydraulic hose can be classified into 1 wire braided hydraulic hose, 2 wire braided hydraulic hose, 3 wire braided hydraulic hose, 4 wire braided hydraulic hose, 6 wire braided hydraulic hose and etc. And the hydraulic hose with 1 wire reinforcement can work well in very low to high temperatures with the range of -40°C to +100°C, and even the maximum temperature can be up to +125°C.

Here, the hydraulic hose reinforcement is made of steel wire, with different layers to create different strengths, and more wires can be added much more strength to the whole hydraulic hose.

And we have different wire layers as the reinforcement to make braided hydraulic hoses.

  • 1 wire hydraulic hose (wire braided hydraulic hose)
  • 2 wire hydraulic hose (wire braided hydraulic hose)
  • 4 wire hydraulic hose (wire spiral hydraulic hose)
  • 6 wire hydraulic hose (wire spiral hydraulic hose)

It’s flexible for you to choose the proper wire braided hydraulic hose for your hydraulic project.

What Is 1 Wire Hydraulic Hose? (Single Wire Hydraulic Hose)

1 wire hydraulic hose
1 wire hydraulic hose

1 wire hydraulic hose, also called 1-wire braided hydraulic hose, single wire hydraulic hose, is the braided hydraulic hose reinforced with one layer of stainless steel wire. The single wire braided hydraulic hose, made of oil-resistant synthetic rubber material with a single layer of steel wire reinforcement.

You can get to know if a hydraulic hose is a 1 wire hydraulic hose, by reading from the hydraulic hose cover printing mark. This EN857 1SC is the 1 wire hydraulic hose.

Here are 1 wire hydraulic hose below:

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What Is 2 Wire Hydraulic Hose? (Double Wire Hydraulic Hose)

2 wire hydraulic hose
2 wire hydraulic hose

Compared with a 1 wire hydraulic hose, a 2 wire hydraulic hose is reinforced with 2 layers of stainless steel wire and can be also called a double braided hydraulic hose.

Here we have many 2-wire hydraulic hoses for you to select, and the 2-wire hydraulic hose is made of 2-layer steel wire as the reinforcement, to make the whole hydraulic hose much stronger.

Double wire braid hydraulic hose has the construction as follows, and double wire hose hydraulic hose is made of synthetic rubber lining, the synthetic rubber material is oil-resistant, and two-wire braided reinforcement is separated by synthetic rubber layer. The synthetic rubber cover is oil, fuel, weather, and abrasion-resistant.

By the way, the inner tube is much stronger than the cover, made of better synthetic rubber material, because the quality of the inner tube can determine the whole hydraulic hose.

The two wire hydraulic hose is the widely applied hydraulic hose for the hydraulic system on the hydraulic machine, and it is also the steel wire braided hydraulic hose, reinforced with the 2-wire layer in the middle. 

So two-wire hydraulic hose is much stronger than the single-wire hydraulic hose, due to more steel wire. More wire layers can add strength and hardness to the whole hydraulic hose pipe, making it more durable for long-lasting service life. 

Here are the 2-wire hydraulic hose below:

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What Is 4 Wire Hydraulic Hose?

4 wire hydraulic hose
4 wire hydraulic hose

The 4 wire hydraulic hose is made of 4-layer steel wire reinforcement and separated by the synthetic rubber material, making the hydraulic hose much stronger with hardness. And 4-wire braided hydraulic hose suitable to be used for hydraulic fluids transmission.

Application: Medium and high-pressure circuit with restricted installation space

Standard: SAE 100 R12

Inner layer: Oil resistant synthetic rubber

Insert: Four maximum strength steel wire spiral layers

Outer layer: Synthetic rubber with high temperature, ozone, and weather resistance

Colour: Black

Temp.min : – 40 ℃

Temp.max: + 121 ℃

Media: Mineral oil, Polyglycol based oil, Water (0°C to + 70°C), Water-oil emulsions.

Here are the 4-wire hydraulic hose below:

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What Is 6 Wire Hydraulic Hose?

6 wire hydraulic hose
6 wire hydraulic hose

The 6-wire hydraulic hose is reinforced with 6-wire steel, as the strong media to add so much strength to the hydraulic hose.

Recommended For: Extremely high-pressure hydraulic oil lines. The extra high working pressures and excellent impulse life, when tested to SAE 100R13 test conditions, result in, increased service life and minimize equipment downtime. Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of SAE 100R13, AS 3791 100R13, EN 856 Type R13, ISO 3862 Type R13.

Tube: Black, oil-resistant synthetic rubber.

Reinforcement: Six alternating layers of spiraled high tensile steel wire.

Cover: Black, oil-resistant, and abrasion-resistant synthetic rubber.

Temperature Range: From -40oC to +121oC (-40oF to +250oF).

Here are the 6-wire hydraulic hose below:

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Final Thoughts 

If you want to know more about the wire hydraulic hose, please feel free to contact us at any time. And click the button below to get the Free wire hydraulic hose samples.

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