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Where Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used? [Ultimate FAQ Guide of Hydraulic Hose Applications]

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The hydraulic hose can be widely used for various situations, and today I am happy to share with you the topic: Where can hydraulic hoses be used?

In this guide, you can get a lot of knowledge about hydraulic hose applications.

Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for Gasoline

hydraulic hose for gasoline
hydraulic hose for gasoline

Yes, the hydraulic hose can be generally used for gasoline, because the inner tube of the hydraulic hose can be made of NBR nitrile rubber material, and NBR material can be used to convey gasoline and diesel.

The inner tube of the hose hydraulic can determine its compatibility with the fluid running through it. So the hydraulic hose inside tube can decide if the hydraulic hose can be used for gasoline or not.

And Nitrile rubber has excellent oil resistance, and you can check the oil resistance by soaking the hydraulic hose in the diesel and oil to see if it swells.  Just pay attention to the static electricity problem of the hydraulic hose.

You can see that the hydraulic hose can be used to transfer the gasoline, to the gas station.

Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for Fuel

hydraulic hose for fuel
hydraulic hose for fuel

Fuel is the material, such as coal, oil, or gas, that is burned to produce heat or power for machines, or vehicles. Here the hydraulic hose is the media used to convey the fuel to the engine burning fuels during the working process.

Of course, the hydraulic hose can be used for fuel, the hydraulic hose manufacturer will produce the hydraulic hose inner tube using the oil-resistant & fuel-resistant rubber material, to ensure that the tube can convey the fuel without any damage.

Here we use certain rubber, NBR, nitrile rubber to create the inner tube of the hydraulic hose, so you can get the hydraulic hose used for conveying fuels. 

Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for Diesel Fuel

hydraulic hose for diesel fuel
hydraulic hose for diesel fuel

Yes, you need to choose the hydraulic hose with oil resistance, to ensure the inner tube touching the diesel fuel can’t be corroded. You can find the hydraulic hose that can be used for diesel fuel, you can use the hydraulic hose for the vehicles needing diesel fuel to run.

The minimum burst pressure of the hose is 4 times the working pressure, which is used for the diesel engine to transport gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and other mineral oils. 

And the hydraulic hose can be used within the temperature range of -30℃ to 100℃, this working temperature range is OK to ensure the hydraulic hose safety.

Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for Natural Gas

hydraulic hose for natural gas
hydraulic hose for natural gas

Can you run natural gas through a rubber hose? Yes, you have to use a certain hydraulic hose designed to convey the natural gas. Natural gas hoses must be used for gas special pipes, which are used for home water heaters.

The gas hose is the soft rubber hose to convey the natural gas for you to cook. The most important base is to keep safe from using natural gas. You need to check the hydraulic hose regularly and replace hydraulic hose if you find it somewhere that is aged and fossilized, to avoid the gas leaking problems.

And the loose hydraulic hose fittings will cause gas seepage, which is very dangerous. Please be serious about using hydraulic hoses for natural gas, and don’t be hesitate to consult the natural gas expert if you have any questions.

Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for Air

air hose
air hose

The hydraulic hose is rated at a much higher pressure than the air brake hose, and the air hose is much safer to use. And the truth is that the hydraulic hose assembly must meet more requirements to ensure the safety used for air.

The hydraulic hose can be installed for the hydraulic system, and you can choose an air hose for your air compressor or any other equipment needing air. Here we have other hoses to widen your selection, such as PVC air hose, smooth air/water hose, wrapped air/water hose.

Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for Propane

propane hose
propane hose

Regularly, the hydraulic hose is high pressure, working in the environment under high pressure. And you can choose the air hose used for propane. It is also important to choose the proper hose pipe, based on the situation and application.

Air hoses can typically be divided into high-pressure hoses and low-pressure hoses. And you can use the low-pressure hose used for propane rather than a high-pressure hydraulic hose. Low-pressure hoses are used for gases like acetylene, oxygen, propane, butane/propane mix, natural gas, neutral gas, etc.

Of course, you can find propane hoses specially used for propane, and other silimar gas.

Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for Pressure Washer

pressure washer hose
pressure washer hose

Yes, the hydraulic hose can be made as a pressure washer hose. Here we have the pressure washer hose for your selection.

The pressure washer hose is the high-pressure hose because the high pressure can help spray water with a strong impact force to wash the car.

What kind of hose do you need for your pressure washer. The pressure washer hose is designed with a small diameter, and 1/4″ hose as the pressure washer hose is the most common.

And the working pressure for the pressure washer is 3000 psi, even pressure rating up to 3200 psi. And also you can find the pressure washer hose, 4000 psi in the market.

And here are two common colors, black and blue, also many other colors, grey, yellow and etc. It’s much more flexible to choose colors compared with other hydraulic hoses.

Can Hydraulic Hose Be Used for LPG

lpg hose
lpg hose

What is the LPG hose? LPG is the abbreviation of Liquid Petroleum Gas, LPG hose is designed for delivery, transfer, convey of propane in industrial application. So LPG hose is one of widely used industrial hoses, rather than regular hydraulic hoses.

Orange is the most popular color, you can also see black LPG hose in the market.

LPG is soft, designed with good air-tightness.

Final Thougts

If you want to know more info about the hydraulic hose application, or if you have any questions while using the hydraulic hose, please feel free to contact us. And welcome to contact us to get hydraulic hose samples if you are interested.

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