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Hydraulic Hose Basics: How-to Ultimate FAQ Guide of Hydraulic Hose 101

Here is the ultimate RFQ guide of hydraulic hose basics. How to make hydraulic hose? How to measure hydraulic hose? How to cut hydraulic hose? How to remove hydraulic hose fittings? How to tighten hydraulic hose fittings? How to loosen hydraulic hose fittings?

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Hydraulic hose is being an important media helping you convey heat or power to the engine, working for the hydraulic system.

Here is the ultimate FAQ guide about how-to questions of the hydraulic hose.

And I do believe that this article can help you a lot learn hydraulic hose basics.

Let’s dive in!

How to Make Hydraulic Hose

how to make hydraulic hose
how to make hydraulic hose

At first, let’s step into the hydraulic hose manufacturing process to know how to make a hydraulic hose.

Here is the complete guide to making a hydraulic hose, as the leading hydraulic hose manufacturer, we are trying our best to utilize the top-rated synthetic rubber material to ensure the quality of the hydraulic hose.

Step 1: Raw material weighing and mixing:

The raw material, natural rubber, and synthetic rubber are procured from the rubber supplier. Then rubber material will be fed into the milling machine to refine rubber. Finally, the rubber material will be compounded in the form of sheets. The rubber sheets are used to make hydraulic hoses.

Step 2: Extrusion inner tube

Then the rubber sheet will be taken into the extrusion machine to make the inner tube of the hydraulic hose. The extruding machine is working for extruding the rubber sheet to get rubber tubing, to create the inner tube of the hose pipe.

Step 3: Vulcanization of inner tube

Then the rubber tube is sent to the vulcanizer to vulcanize the inner tube

Step 4: Making reinforcement of hydraulic hose

After making the inner tube, and then it’s time to make reinforcement, we use the stainless steel wire to create the hydraulic hose reinforcement layers. Here are 2 different methods to create hydraulic hose reinforcement.

  • Braided hydraulic hose: Use the braiding machine to weave stainless steel wire to make the reinforcement. Multiple layers can be made, here we have 2 layers, 4 layers, including the 2-wire braided hydraulic hose, 4-wire braided hydraulic hose.
  • Spiral hydraulic hose: Use the spiral machine to make a spiral hydraulic hose, including the 4-wire spiral hydraulic hose, and the 6-wire spiral hydraulic hose.

Step 5: Extrude outer cover

After finishing wire reinforcement, we need to extrude the synthetic rubber to make the outer cover of the hydraulic hose. The outer cover can be designed into different surfaces, including the smooth surface and wrapped surface. And the wrapped hydraulic hose is much more popular. Here you can see the differences between smooth vs wrapped hydraulic hose.

Step 6: Vulcanizing hydraulic hose

We need to vulcanize the hydraulic hose in the vulcanizing boiler equipment, and the steam heating will mature the rubber material, making rubber molecules become closer, to give the hydraulic hose stable performance.

How to Measure Hydraulic Hose

How do you measure a hydraulic hose? Here are some important parameters for hydraulic hose measurement.

Measure hydraulic hose length

measure hydraulic hose length
measure hydraulic hose length

You can use the stainless steel ruler, or tape ruler to measure the hydraulic hose length. Here is the formula calculating the hose length. The length is basically important for you to route hydraulic hose for assembling hydraulic hose.

Measure hydraulic hose diameter

measure hydraulic hose diameter
measure hydraulic hose diameter

Then measure the hydraulic hose diameter using the vernier caliper, you need to measure hydraulic hose ID, OD.

ID: Inner Diameter: The inner diameter of the hydraulic hose.

OD: Outer Diameter: The outer diameter of the hydraulic hose.

And then you will get the thickness of the hydraulic hose according to the hydraulic hose ID and OD.

The formula is: Thickness = OD – ID

How to Cut Hydraulic Hose

how to cut hydraulic hose
how to cut hydraulic hose

Steps to cutting hydraulic hose, you can get details about cutting hydraulic hose from our previous article.

  • Get your desired hydraulic hose length
  • Choose your hydraulic hose cutting machine
  • Read the instructions for using the hydraulic hose cutting tool
  • Clean up the hydraulic hose before cutting it
  • Place the hydraulic hose under the cutting blade or cutting saw
  • Make the hydraulic hose is vertical to the cutting blade
  • Cut the hydraulic hose

How to Remove Hydraulic Hose Fittings

how to remove hydraulic hose fittings
how to remove hydraulic hose fittings

It is not that difficult to remove the hydraulic hose fittings when you replace the hydraulic hose or repair it.

Before removing the hydraulic hose fittings, please turn off the hydraulic system. And then choose a proper wrench to remove the swiveling parts, and most hydraulic hose fittings have 2 couplings so that you have to clamp one wrench on one of the hydraulic hose couplings and hold it steady, and then use another wrench to turn the other couplings.

You can apply some lubricant oil to smooth the connection, making it much easier to loosen the hydraulic hose and fittings. Turn the wrench reversely to the direction locking the hydraulic hose, and the hydraulic hose fittings will be removed carefully.

How to Repair Hydraulic Hose

repair hydraulic hose
repair hydraulic hose

Here is the guide about how to repair hydraulic hose.

Here are some steps:

How to Tighten Hydraulic Hose Fittings

tighten hydraulic hose
tighten hydraulic hose

Here is the guide about how to tighten hydraulic hose fittings.

How to Loosen Hydraulic Hose Fittings

loosen hydraulic hose
loosen hydraulic hose

How to Disconnect Hydraulic Hose from Tractor

disconnect hydraulic hose from tractor
disconnect hydraulic hose from tractor

Final Thoughts

If you have any other questions about the how-to guide of the hydraulic hose, please feel free to contact me. Finally, welcome to get FREE hydraulic hose samples if you are interested.

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