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What Hydraulic Hose Sizes Suit Your Hydraulic System? [Guide to Hose Sizing]

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To ensure the hydaulic hose sizes is the first step for hydraulic hose selection, to find the proper hydraulic hose for assembling hydraulic hose. Today, we talk about the hydraulic hose sizes. 

A hydraulic hose is flexible, manufactured with reinforced stainless steel wire, hose pipe, that is used to convey the hydraulic fluids, in the hydraulic system.

Basically, the hydaulic hoses are reinforced with different layers, to meet different requirements of system pressure to provide the heat or power to run the machinery. 

Why Are Hydraulic Hose Sizes Important?

So the hydraulic hose is the fundamental considered to work for your machinery, engined by hydraulic system, and the hydraulic hose sizes are matters most importantly. Selecting the hydraulic hose with the right size is the basically important step to ensure the hydraulic system can work well. 

You can get the way how to measure hydraulic hose and the hydraulic hose sizes are described by the measurement of hydraulic hose parts, including hydraulic hose ID, OD, and length. 

the structure of hydraulic hose
the structure of the hydraulic hose

ID is the hydraulic hose inner diameter, OD is the outer diameter, so ID, OD can determine the hydraulic hose size. You can see the hydraulic hose structure, to get a clue about hydraulic hose sizing. 

The ID and OD sizes are very important, they can’t be too small or too big. The proper inner diameter can ensure the hydraulic fluids inside the hydraulic hose can be conveyed fluently, without any jams, pumps. The proper outer diameter can ensure the hydaulic hose can be assembled well, to match the hydraulic hose fittings. And the hydraulic hose fitting sizes can be determined by the hydraulic hose outer diameter. 

The right hydraulic hose ID and OD can avoid some hydraulic hose failure problems, such as hydraulic hose leaking, breaking, crushing and etc. So the hydraulic hose pipe sizes are greatly important, at the very beginning of your hydraulic system building. 

Here you can download the Hydraulic Hose Size Chart PDF, to be clear about the standard hydraulic hose sizes. 

How to Measure Hydraulic Hose Size?

measure hydraulic hose diameter
measure hydraulic hose diameter

The measuring tool could be different to measure the hydraulic hose. 

ID, OD: Use the vernier caliper to measure the hydraulic hose inner diameter and outer diameter. You can get the metric hydraulic hose sizes reading from the hydraulic hose, and you can know what the numbers of the hydraulic hose mean

Please feel free to contact us if you are confused about the hydraulic hose size selection for your hydraulic system. And we are pleased to provide the hydraulic hose size guide to you. 

What Size Hydraulic Hose Do I Need? 

Hydraulic Hose Size Calculator

Hydraulic Hose Dash Size

You can get the hydraulic hose dash size, from the hydraulic hose size chart.

If you have any other questions about hydraulic hose sizes please feel free to contact us right now. 

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