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Hydraulic Hose Wrap: Secrect Weapon to Protect Your Hydraulic Hose

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The hydraulic hose is the material used to convey the hydraulic fluids for the hydraulic system, which has a long life span, up to 2-5 years. To expand the service life of the hydraulic hose, the hydraulic hose wrap is invented, the hydraulic hose wrap is the secret weapon to protect your hydraulic hose, away from potential damage.

Why Use Hydraulic Hose Wrap?

hydraulic hose wrap
hydraulic hose wrap

Mostly, the hydraulic hose is assembled outside, exposed to the sun and rain, so we need to use the hydraulic hose wrap, to keep the hydraulic hose pipe safe and protective. Here are some hydraulic hose damages caused by climate change and weathering.

You can purchase the hydraulic hose with a thicker cover, which has a longer life span, and less to be worn.

In principle, the hydraulic hose ST standard is manufactured with a thicker cover, when compared with the regular hydraulic hose SN standard, but the cost for making hydraulic hose ST is much higher, so the pricing will be much more expensive.

So hydraulic hose wrap is a nice option for hydraulic hose protection, at a low cost. There are many types of hydraulic hose wraps, giving good protection to expand the service life of the hydraulic hose.

And then I will list some popular hydraulic hose wraps used as hydraulic hose protectors here. 

Hydraulic Hose Spiral Wrap

hydraulic hose spiral wrap
hydraulic hose spiral wrap

The hydraulic hose spiral wrap, also called plastic hydraulic hose guard, is the most popular hydraulic hose protector, used to wrap the outer cover of the hydraulic hose.

The spiral hose guard is made of PP and polypropylene, with high density, strong enough to protect your hydraulic hose safe all the time. 

Hydraulic hose protection wrap features: 

HDPE Material: Made of HDPE, polyethylene plastic, with high density, and high tensile.

Multiple Colors:  Spiral wrap for hydraulic hose can be made with multiple colors, and these colors are popular, black, yellow, green, blue, white etc. 

Hose Protector: Protects hydraulic hose, cable, wire, and tube against rubbing, crushing, chaffing, ultraviolet, and other environmental hazards. 

Easy installation: The hydraulic spiral hose wrap is self-lubricating and easy to install for hydraulic hose assemblies

Flexible & Adjustable: The plastic spiral wrap for hydraulic hoses is soft, and flexible to wrap all hydraulic hoses with different diameters. 

heavy duty spiral hydraulic hose wrap 
heavy duty spiral hydraulic hose wrap

The spiral hose guard can be assembled for hydraulic hose protection for heavy-duty machines. The heavy duty spiral hydraulic hose wrap, heavy duty hydraulic hose wrap is super important for hose daily maintenance. 

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Hydraulic Hose Burst Protection Wrap

hydraulic hose burst protection wrap
hydraulic hose burst protection wrap

The hydraulic hose wrap for sale is a nice option for you to protect hydraulic hose against abrasion, and bursting, and this type of hydraulic hose wrap is made of nylon cloth.

Black hydraulic nylon protective hose sleeve is also popular on the market, and you guys can use it to wrap the hydraulic hose to add a layer of defense, making your hydraulic hose safe and protected during its service life. 

The nylon hose sleeve can shield the hydraulic hose from wear and tear, which may cause hazardous leaks due to long-time exposure to the sun and rain. So the nylon protective sleeve is the must-have hose protector if you route your hydraulic hose outdoors. 

And it’s much easier for you to wrap a hydraulic hose using the nylon hose protector sleeve, with the hydraulic hose fittings. What’s more, the nylon hose protective sleeve is cheaper compared with another hydraulic hose guard. 

Velcro Hydraulic Hose Wrap

velcro hydraulic hose wrap
velcro hydraulic hose wrap

Velcro hydraulic hose wraps serve the dual purpose of safeguarding and organizing hydraulic hoses. Crafted to offer protection against abrasion, chemicals, and temperature variations, these wraps are constructed from nylon material and feature Velcro for effortless installation and removal. Typically available in 25-meter rolls, they are well-suited for bundling, shielding against abrasion, and providing operator protection.

Facilitating quick and easy installation and removal through the use of Velcro straps, these wraps are particularly convenient for hose replacement tasks. Moreover, they afford enough flexibility to accommodate normal hose operation while ensuring secure positioning of the hoses.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to know more detailed info about the hydraulic hose wrap, please feel free to contact us at any time. Here we have two types of hydraulic hose protectors for you to choose from, including spiral hose guard, and fire sleeve

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