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Hydraulic Hose Cost: How Much You Need to Spend on Hydraulic Hose?

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The hydraulic hose is basically important for your hydraulic system, which is applied to convey the hydraulic fluids. So it’s a thing for you to purchase hydraulic hoses for your hydraulic hose applications.

In this post, I am happy to share something about hydraulic hose cost, and you can get to know how much you need to spend on the hydraulic hose.

Let’s dive in!

Hydraulic Hose Cost Estimated by Raw Material

hydraulic hose cost per foot
hydraulic hose cost per foot

The hydraulic hose cost is different, determined by different hydraulic hoses. At the very beginning of the hydraulic pipe cost estimate, we need to know the hydraulic hose structure.

Here are 3 parts for each hydraulic hose:

  • The inner tube is made of synthetic rubber material, there are different types of rubber, such as Butyl rubber, EPDM rubber, so the rubber cost is different based on the quality, rate, and volume.
  • The reinforcement layer is made of stainless steel wires, here are different layers of the braided steel wire for the hydraulic hose production. More layers of steel wire mean a higher price.
  • The outer cover is made of synthetic rubber, and rubber of outer cover can be much cheaper than inner tube rubber.

The reinforcement cost is the most important, and here are different reinforcements for rubber hydraulic hose we can do in our hydraulic hose manufacturer.

Here are some popular reinforcement types of your selection.

1-wire hydraulic hose and 2-wire hydraulic hose are braided hydraulic hose, 4-wire hydraulic hose and 6-wire hydraulic hose are spiral hydraulic hose.

Spiral and braided hydraulic hose is the most popular hydraulic hose in the market, and please feel free to contact us to consult these hydraulic hoses, and we can give the detailed hydraulic hose cost according to your requirement.

So the raw material can determine the hydraulic hose from the root, and we need to cover our hydraulic hose material cost and then you the best pricing.

Hydraulic Hose Manufacturing Technique

hydraulic hose manufacturing
hydraulic hose manufacturing

And the hydraulic pipe cost is also determined by the hydraulic hose manufacturing technique. The hydraulic hose manufacturing process will consume labor cost, production cost, technique cost and etc.

The price between the spital hydraulic hose and the braided hydraulic hose is also different due to the different hydraulic hose manufacturing techniques.

Hydraulic Hose Cost Per Foot

Then you can get to know the accurate hydraulic hose cost per foot.

foot to meter converter
foot to meter converter

Here you can use the unit converter to calculate the hydraulic hose cost, estimated foot to the meter. 1 foot equals 0.3048 meters.

It will be much easier to get a hydraulic hose cost meter if you get the result of hydraulic hose price per foot.

Final Thoughts

If you have any questions about hydraulic hose cost, please feel free to contact me at any time. Our hydraulic hose sales team can work out the best hydraulic hose purchasing plan for your hydraulic project or hydraulic hose shop.

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